Yacht Services Nuku-Hiva

Mailing address: BP 301 Taiohae, 98742 Nuku-Hiva

French Polynesia

eMail: YSNukuHiva@hotmail.com

Telephone/Fax: 689 920 750

VHF: 72

Service fees


Effective 1 Oct 2013


Official Clearances:             16 000 cfp (In, inter island, out)

Bond exemption letter:       9 000 cfp per passport (non- EU citizens)

Duty free fuel formalities:   16 000 cfp for all of Polynesia


All other services

Hourly office services:        4 000 cfp per hour

Buying commission            10% on goods and services provided.


Technical services:             5 000 cfp per hour + materials

    (Mechanical, sail repair, electrical,     refrigeration etc.)


Hourly Taxi (Taiohae):        5 000 cfp per hour.


General boat cleaning:       3 500 cfp per hour

Laundry                                1 500 cfp up to 5kg (wash, dry & fold)

Gaz (butane)                         450 cfp per kilo.


VAT:                                      13% local tax has to be added on service fees listed                                                above




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